WTF?? How can a person make FREE money on the internet??


Lately I have been on the internet marketing programs, products, and services that cost a bundle to do.   And they are great, however in THIS economy people are spending more money to survive, then on those things.   About a year and a half ago I had FULL focus on a program called the Endless $60 dollar Miracle Money Maker.   This program is a FREE, ZERO out of pocket program where you invest NO money out of pocket to get started.   What I really love about this is we have a marketing system where you can set up your website, auto responder and create residual monthly payments every month from new team members whom become apart of this.

Now when you get started, there are a few “tasks” that are involved.   People think to them selves.  ”Oh, I’ll just optin and “where’s my money??”  It doesn’t work quite like that.  There is a qualification process that is involved.   The process is a ONE time qualification that will pay any where from $60-$84.00 PER referral.   From then on you are fed into the Training system with pre written ads, and email broadcaster, solo ad places, newspaper places, and our NEWEST tool is the Telephone Assistants whom contact our prospects for us BEFORE we even get back to them.

This way people are able to have an avenue of prospects ON DEMAND.  And are able to finally build a RESIDUAL business on demand every single month.    I host a training call every single week to help my team members become successful by demonstrating my relationship building with future team leaders.

If you’d like to listen to this recording, click THIS link:

Other wise if you would like to get started on the SAME system that is helping people make money with ZERO out of pocket costs.   Go here:

Look out for testimonials from my team members as I am looking to build RAVING testimonials daily from NEW people whom have NEVER made money online before.

With Love and Gratitude,

Tom “The Furry Hat Guy” Yatar

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One Response to WTF?? How can a person make FREE money on the internet??

  1. I can’t say enough how awesome this system is. I now finally have something to offer my prospects that don’t have any cash to invest, but are serious about making a lifestyle change.

    I can honestly say though, being part of your team has made this opportunity even that more awesome. Off to make some more free money, see ya at the bank Tom:)

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