Who is Tom The Furry Hat Guy?

1 tom 2   Tom “the Furry Hat Guy” Yatar is a former restaurant manager who used to live paycheck to paycheck and then became a SIX Figure Earner in ONE year online. Through his skills, and leadership development in the restaurant industry and being a General Manager, he GREW as a LEADER of people, a person people NATURALLY want to follow, and a person whom can COMMAND an audience. NOT just with his furry hat. But also with his ENERGY and POWER he brings towards life.
Tom Yatar is originally from California, born and raised. Always had a VISION for the ultimate dream in life. He has a passion for people and helping people get to the next level. 527361_10151114853191994_1481383217_n Some people may go and say, “What is up with that HUGE hat he is wearing?” That is where his personal “touch” lies within branding. Tom The Furry Hat Guy plugged into top speakers all around the globe and has been trained by the BEST

in the industry. Tom’s met face-to-face with the worlds most renowned speakers, including the likes of Tony Robbins, Mike Dillard, Mark Hoverson, Brian Fanale, Tim Erway, Daegan Smith, Tracy Walker, David Wood, Ray Higdon, Todd Falcone, Jonathan Budd, Dani Johnson, Ryan Angelo, Ellie Drake and many more greats. He is internationally known, and is one of the top video marketers in the industry Now looking to help change lives in the internet marketing industry with his inspirational skills, motivation and drive. Tom, what’s an interestingly weird fact about yourself? I use to work 12-15 hours a day as a restaurant manager. The true Weird fact is all about the start of the Furry hat… I use to use the furry hat in bars and clubs to meet woman. One day I saw a talk show and saw a nerdy guy on there with hot models surrounded all around him so I bought the book he was selling. Put it to practice and low and behold it was saying, put stuff that stands out online. I saw people with furry hats, so I put the hat on. Woman became attracted to it, would ask to wear it and buy me drinks. I started saying affirmations and creating this other person inside of me. Would visualize myself before I walked into a
bar or club and had a movie playing in my mind and imagined all the woman smiling and looking at me. The Furry Hat Guy came out of this. 10312055_10152510700476994_6450941529763964405_n I wanted to get out of the restaurant industry. Was on Myspace and saw groups out there to make money online. Got started in this gas pill thing. My sponsor said, “You have to see this lady who was a broke cocktail waitress that made a million in 2 years.” Saw about turning network marketing into a business instead of a hobby. Went to a seminar and had no money to go as I was living paycheck to paycheck. Had to get a credit card to travel to the event and slept outside in front of the seminar room.


My personality came out of this seminar. They split us into groups based on the 4 personality types. Went to conference call after the event and they all introduced themselves. I introduced myself as Tom from Texas and said, “You know Tom the guy with the furry hat” and then they said, “Oh TOM THE FURRY HAT GUY!” Back in April of 2007 for the first time I felt I had a purpose in life when someone messaged me and shared how much my video inspired them and that they made $1,200 from following my advice. FURRY stands for… Freedom Unity Reason Risk Taker You   What’s the Vision of Tom The Furry Hat Guy look like for the future? tompic For the first time as an help impact the world through meditation, Law of Attraction and EFT. I want to bring heaven back to earth and want total alignment on the planet. My vision for team members, wanna get at least 10 people making 6 figures in my business.

Tom, what’s I meditate before I do anything else in the day. My advice is the first thing you do after you pee is to get aligned with source/universe/God. For summoning unseen guidance/unseen self to help you manifest exactly what you want in this life. Tom, what has been your BIGGEST month in your ONLINE business so far? My BIGGEST month so far was when I generated over $92,000 in the month Of December. (AKA THE “slowest” month in network marketing.) And my income just keeps growing and growing and growing.

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